The Helmets

When it comes to motorbikes and equipment there seem to be two categories of sales scenarios you find here in Beijing:

  1. The Exclusive
    You buy a terrible expensive machine not because you love to ride a bike. No. Because you have a lot of money and you want to show people that you do. Then you are treated nicely because the shop owner knows you will leave a lot of money there.
  2. The Normal
    You buy a very normal priced bike or -even worse- ‚ordinary equipment‘! Not because you want to spend a shitload of money. No. Because you simply love to ride a bike. Then you seem to be an unwelcome customer. ‘Buy quickly or get the f*ck out of my shop.’

We belong to category #2.

The cheapest helmet we have found is sold for RMB 38,-!! I carefully wonder how safe these ones are… There are many small stores which are either bound to a brand or they have only a few products in the store. Everything is available online.

But I am the old fashion kind of guy who likes to touch and try things. And if you don’t find what you are looking for you need to find a new small shop which might be at the other end of the town in a newly developed industrial area in a new street in the last row well hidden from the street. No Taxi driver knows that there is a store -or even a street. And it seems even the shop owner does not know that he is there. Of course the last sentence might exaggerate a little bit… But after you found the store you can try your luck again. So we did.

In the end we found a small store with nice sales staff and the helmets we were looking for. Maybe a category 3 scenario… Nolan N44 was our choice. After trying and discussing about color and size for more than an hour we bought two of them together with two bluetooth headsets.

Our Helmets with a Bluetooth headset

Our Helmets with a Bluetooth headset

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