Driver´s License in Chinese

Finally we decided it might be a better solution if Kathy can ride a motorbike as well. At least our Changjiang 750. Although I am almost as healthy as Superman, I might find my personal Kryptonite sometimes and then someone must safe me.

There is one driving school in Beijing to teach sidecar lessons. And what a coincidence that it is just in our neighbourhood. For RMB 1.960,- Kathy got everything necessary, the books, the lessons and hopefully the license. No stop, we cannot buy the license, Kathy has to earn it.

First time we went there with dad’s electric bike. Pure adventure! The bike it highly instable, specially with a load of about 150kg …and it didn’t make it up the hill to the school. Kathy had to get off the bike and I had to help it a little with my legs. But the next times, I brought Kathy there with our Changjiang 750.

I had the privilege to get to the driving school earlier one day to see how driving lessons were taught. That was another eye opener for me. Compared to the country I come from, this does not even qualify for a driving school. Students practically learn how to sit on the bike and to operate some of its functions.

Apart from the fact that driving in China is ruled by the best egoism one can imagine, nobody knows how to drive his vehicle nor has any idea how a vehicle reacts in situations out of the standard. On top one can find this almost child like absence of understanding the consequences of his own actions.

To visualise my impressions, here is a short clip of the area driving can be learned on a motorbike.

It has to be mentioned that

  • this is not on public streets
  • there is traffic to disturb the learners
  • there is no drive instructor present

The instructor accompanies the students to the place, hands over the bikes, disappears during the lessons, comes back after the time is up and makes sure that the bikes are all returned. Students are advised to drive slow and careful.

The bikes are all in conditions I would not want to go on any public street with them. Brakes work somehow, engines turn off and break frequently, gearboxes block sometimes, of course turn indicators are broken or not present, wheels have an 8 specially on sidecars and so on.

Here is a video about what to do to pass the practical part of the drivers license. I followed the sidecar motorbike, the driver passed the test and got the license.

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  1. Das leben kann so einfach sein. *lautlach*

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