[Update] Looking for a Candidate!

[Update] Thank you all for your applications! We were truly touched about the reactions. Now time is up and a candidate was selected. Again: Thank you all for your participation!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are looking for you!

Yes YOU!

We have been in contact with governments all over the world. We have been planning a lot. We have been confronted with many problems. Now after careful consideration of the current situation we have come -once more- to the point, where a plan is only good for making another change. And here it is.

We are looking for a candidate with the following profile:

  1. male
  2. in good health (physically and mentally)
  3. German Passport holder
  4. not taller than 185 cm
  5. candidate must be able to speak basic English
  6. candidate must be able to leave work for 6 weeks (maybe a little more)
  7. IMPORTANT: the candidate must have his 40th birthday on 16th, August!
  8. candidate must be able to live in simple conditions for limited time
  9. married candidates preferred
  10. courage for adventure is of advantage

What’s in for you? We are currently planning a tour in August to China and/or Myanmar and/or India and/or Nepal (subject to change). We will be using our Changjiang 750. Where appropriate we will camp outside and where advised we will stay in guesthouses. There will be one (male) driver and the candidate. Visas and a return flight to an appropriate airport in China has to be arranged by the candidate himself.

It will be in our exclusive decision which candidate we will chose. We will reserve the right to refuse any comment about how the choice was made. After a candidate was selected, we will go through an intensive briefing phase to make sure all details are clear before the candidate will start this adventure. Please contact us under the eMail given here.

Deadline: June 15th 2014

Good luck!

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  1. Wofür genau suchst Du denn nun einen Kandidaten? Zum Moped fahren von CN nach Laos/myanmar/IN? Wann denn nun?
    Grüße aus Moskau

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