Our ChangJiang 750 is bought and will be prepared

Jackies ChangJiang Store

Jackies ChangJiang Store

Ok, this took a while. Finally we found a nice guy and a nice store. At Jackie’s store we felt understood. Jackie does not only speak English and is an original Beijinger he also knows what he is talking about and the price he offers seem to be fair. He has been helping us a lot through all the questions we have had. Wonderful.

Unfortunately the Chinese New Year is almost here. That means, nobody wants to work for two to four weeks. Therefore we have to wait for our new ChangJiang 750 until mid March. Still in time with our plans but we want to get familiar with the bike and make the last tunes so I hope there will be enough time and the departure will not be delayed for too long.

We will document the birth process for our ChangJiang 750 in another blog entry for the ones who are interested.

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