Trip Plan Finished

For several days I locked myself up together with only my Laptop, dozens of pizza, gallons of Coke, a more or less functioning VPN and neon light 24/7. The result: 48.000 km of travel route. Wow, now I need some sleep! After this first plan, the next steps will be to

  • confirm the border crossings – done
  • check the visa situation – done
  • get information about current security situation in several regions – done
  • check for more places of interest – done
  • get more information about places we want to visit
  • make an approximate time plan – done
  • start applying for visas
  • finally adapt the route

On the page Tour Map you can find an interactive map with our planned tour. If this cannot be opened (we know there might be some issues in some countries), here is a static map (no zoom, no shifting) with the same view:

Tour Map First Version

Tour Map First Version

As we go, we will generate an actual tour map which reflects the exact route we took. These maps will be published after leaving a country.


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